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Berlin Recycling Volleys 2022

Team calendar by Benjamin Patch

“I think the world of sports is slowly changing. I like to think I am part of this change; where athletes can be much more than just a person in a jersey. For me when I look at the photos I took of my team — I see them how I really see them. Their personalities, their smiles and wrinkles around their eyes. Their beauty and goodness. It’s exactly how I wanted this project to be. In soft black and white photos; a story in each shot. Also it’s really important for me to use the gifts I've been given to try and help others. Im happy that we can share something beautiful and at the same time raise money for those around us that could use some help.

I want people to see my team; these men whom I love and who have embraced me in the same way I get see them. Maybe that’s why I put them in my clothing. My hope is to share their beauty and the amazing quality of humans that make the Berlin Recycling Volleys."
Benjamin Patch

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All proceeds from the calendar sale will be donated to the Berliner Stadtmission, which cares for homeless and needy people in Berlin.


Calendar by Benjamin Patch
Price: € 39.99

The calendar comes in A2 format with a ring bound system and can be hung up. High-quality paper and fine printing. Order the calendar now and receive it at the beginning of January, possibly already at the home game against the SWD powervolleys Düren on January 6, 2022. Worldwide shipping is also possible.

Except for the cover photo with Cody Kessel, the images shown here are promotional photos. The real calendar photos of the different months are secret until delivery.